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cryptopotato / 25 Jul 2024
One in a Billion: Tiny Bitcoin Mining Device Defies Odds, Earns $206,000 Block Reward

The hand-sized "Bitaxe" mining device beat 1 in 1.1 billion odds to earn a $206,000 block reward.

thenewscrypto / 25 Jul 2024
WazirX Founder Discloses Recovery Plan Amid the Uncertainty 

WazirX founder Nischal Shetty has planned the recovery of the stolen assets. He revealed the initial details of the stolen crypto funds and cla...

decrypt / 25 Jul 2024
Ethereum ETFs Are Trading—Wen ETH Price Go Up?

Ethereum has been sliding since spot ETFs started trading. Analysts noted that was the case for Bitcoin for a while after its spot ETFs began trading.

thenewscrypto / 25 Jul 2024
XRP Stabilizes Above $0.60 as Market Awaits Ripple-SEC Settlement

XRP is currently exiting the downward correction and holding steady above the $0.60 zone as market participants eagerly await a pivotal meeting...

cryptopotato / 25 Jul 2024
Olympics-Inspired Meme Coin The Meme Games Nears $250K Presale Milestone

While the world catches Olympics fever, a cheeky new meme coin project is beginning to generate traction. The Meme Games (MGMES), inspired by the worl...

thenewscrypto / 25 Jul 2024
Coinbase UK Arm Fined $4M for Breaching Regulatory Agreement

Coinbase’s UK arm, CB Payments Limited (CBPL), has been fined £3.5 million ($4.5 million) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for b...

bitcoin / 25 Jul 2024
Proton Launches Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallet: 100 Million Proton Mail Users Can Now Receive BTC via Email

Proton, known for its privacy-focused services including the popular Proton Mail with over 100 million users, has launched Proton Wallet, a new self-c...

bitcoin / 25 Jul 2024
Stablecoin Market Expands by $1.52 Billion in 7 Days, Driven by USDT and USDC Growth

The stablecoin economy is experiencing renewed growth. Over the past week, the market capitalization of all stablecoins increased by $1.52 billion. Th...

ambcrypto / 25 Jul 2024
Bitcoin mining – Canada’s tribunal strikes down Bitfarms’ ‘poison pill’ strategy

A lot is happening in the Bitcoin mining space these days.

decrypt / 25 Jul 2024
UK Firm Gets Nearly $400K to Make Medicine in Space

The £300,000 grant will allow BiologIC Technologies to test its biomanufacturing systems aboard the International Space Station.

ambcrypto / 25 Jul 2024
Spot Solana ETF approval next? What GSOL’s rising price tells us

Grayscale Solana Trust (GSOL) surges towards all-time highs, eyes $1,300 amidst increased SOL ETF speculation. 

watcher / 25 Jul 2024
Ripple XRP and Chainlink LINK: Price Prediction Analysis

Explore the latest price predictions for Ripple and Chainlink for August 2024. Learn what factors are influencing their performance!

thenewscrypto / 25 Jul 2024
India to Leverage Crypto Tracking in Darknet Drug Investigations

In the past several months, cryptocurrency scams have seen a sharp surge at the global level. Recently, leading Indian crypto exchange WazirX w...

cryptopotato / 25 Jul 2024
VanEck Predicts Bitcoin Could Reach $2.9 Million by 2050 If This Happens

Under the base case, VanEck predicts bitcoin will handle 10% of global trade and 5% of domestic trade by 2050.

thenewscrypto / 25 Jul 2024
Mystiko Network Faces Insider Trading Allegations Amid Airdrop

Speculation has surged on social media, accusing Mystiko Network of significant insider trading during its second airdrop. On July 5 at 16:22 U...

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